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STRETCH NO. 5X ( not available for shipment outside of UK or EU)

10 inches deep and extra wide 8cm diameter to stretch you to the max.

STRETCH DILDOS are a set of 9 red cocks that will stretch much more than your imagination!  Made of 100% premium silicone, each realistic red cock has a unique firm-flex veined shaft, defined head and life-sized balls.  And all STRETCH DILDOS have a strong suction base for easy hands-free solo play.

Start with STRETCH NO. 1 at 6 inches long, and work your way up to an awesome, eye-watering, ass-stretching 12 inch giant with the new STRETCH NO. 7 and remember the girth increases too!  But if you want to go even wider then try the new STRETCH NO. 5X and STRETCH NO. 5XX designed to stretch hungry holes wide.

What's your number?

  • 100% premium silicone realistic red cock
  • unique firm-flex veined shaft
  • defined head and life-sized balls
  • strong suction base for easy hands-free solo play
Colour red
Material silicone
Total Length 35cm
Insertable Length 25cm / 10"
Max. Diameter 8cm
Max. Circumference 25cm
Weight 1.76kg


Designed for hungry holes




STRETCH NO. 1 NO. 2 NO. 3 NO. 4 NO. 5 NO. 6 NO. 7 NO. 5X NO. 5XX
Colour red red red red red red red red red
Material silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone silicone
Total Length 18cm 22cm 25cm 28cm 30cm 32cm 41cm 35cm 35cm
Insertable Length 15cm / 6" 18cm / 7" 20cm / 8" 23cm / 9" 25cm / 10" 28cm / 11" 31cm / 12" 25cm / 10" 25cm / 10"
Diameter 4cm 4.5cm 5cm 5.5cm 6cm 6.5cm 7cm 8cm 9cm
Max. Circumference 12cm 14.5cm 16cm 17.5cm 18.5cm 20cm 22cm 25cm 28cm
Weight 0.22kg 0.42kg o.52kg 0.67kg 0.82kg 0.94kg 1.8kg 1.76kg 2.13kg